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General Event Parking

The Washington State Convention Center operates two covered parking garages that adjoin each other and the Convention Center. The two parking garages can accommodate approximately 1490 vehicles. Unlike most downtown parking garages located in the retail and theater district, Convention Center parking is located in close proximity to two I-5 exits and is accessible from the eastside of the freeway. One customer commented, “You can park downtown without all the traffic congestion.“

The Convention Center operates a parking system that dramatically improves the speed of exiting the parking garages. The new central cashier and automated express payment machines give customers the choice of friendly customer service from our cashiers or the quick transaction speed of the automated express payment machines.

Payment machines and the cashiers accept major credit cards and cash. The Convention Center is one of the few parking garages that do not charge higher event rates for big events. The Convention Center daily rates are consistently on the low side of rate surveys of surrounding parking garages.

Shoppers and A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) patrons, have easy covered access. ACT and the parking garages are connected, there is no need to go out in the weather or wait at street lights. Shoppers can also go from the Convention Center through a covered corridor that goes to Rainier Tower at Fourth Avenue, without stopping for traffic lights. This route is lined with retail shops.

Event planners can click Parking Options for parking packages that fit their event. For frequent convention center parker’s and monthly parking information, click here.

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Public Garage Hours

Standard hours for the Convention Center Main Garage:

Daily 5:30 a.m. - 12 midnight

However, on non-event evenings access through the Convention Center may close at 10 p.m. Parking Garage entrances on Eighth and Pike Street are open until midnight.

Standard hours for the Convention Center Freeway Park Garage (located on Hubbell Street):

Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Holidays: The Main Garage is open on holidays. Freeway Park Parking Garage may be closed on major holidays unless prior arrangements are made for your event.

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Exiting the Parking Garage

Prior to returning to your car to exit the garage, payment can be made at one of the three automated pay stations or at the central cashier kiosk conveniently at the Convention Center parking entrance on Level 3. An additional, automated station is located just inside the garage on Eighth Avenue entrance/exit in Aisle A, by the crosswalk.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Take a parking ticket as you enter the garage. Keep this ticket with you after you leave your vehicle.
  2. Prior to returning to your vehicle, insert your ticket in one of the automated pay stations or take to the central cashier kiosk located at the Convention Center (Level 3) and garage entrance. You can use cash or major credit cards to pay the parking fee. Upon payment, the automated pay stations or cashier will validate your ticket and return it to you.

  3. Insert your validated ticket in the machine at the exit gate as you leave the garage. With the arrow and number side of ticket face up and pointing towards the machine. The gate will open. If additional assistance is needed please press the intercom button.

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Parking Options


Parking may be reserved/guaranteed for groups on a daily basis in the Convention Center garage. You will need to submit reserved parking requests and pay for reserved parking in full, 30 days in advance. These fees are non-refundable.

  Main Garage Freeway Park
Reserved Passes $24.00 $23.00

Meeting Planners can arrange to use a validation ticket to pay for their attendee's parking.  Arrangements for validation must be made with the Parking Manager thirty (30) days before the event.  For short-term bookings, exception will be made.  Parking validation does not provide in and out privileges or guarantee space availability.  At the close of the event, unused validation tickets will be returned and the Meeting Planner will be billed for validations collected as part of the event settlement invoice.

  Main Garage Freeway Park
Validation $14.00 $13.00
For additional parking information, contact us at parking@wscc.com

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