Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services is the exclusive provider of exhibitor and show management electrical & air/water/drain services for Washington State Convention Center. As the "nation's largest independent temporary utility contractor," Edlen services over 5,000 events annually in over 300 facilities across the country. Their responsibilities include electrical services for registration; show management offices, general session lighting and sound, displays and exhibits.

Please contact Edlen directly to discuss your electrical needs.

For technical information, contact:
Liz Brostrom, General Manager
Direct: 206-694-5047
Main: 206-781-2411
Fax: 206-299-4330

For exhibitor information and rate sheets, contact:

WSCC Priority Exhibitor Services
705 Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206-694-5015

Sample Edlen Electrical Service Order Form (1.6MB-pdf)

Per Room Electrical Power Specifications Map (97KB-pdf)

Electrical Budget and Cost Estimate

Please include a line item in your budget for charges related to electrical power provided by Edlen. You may contact Edlen to discuss contract arrangements and payment terms for all electrical needs.


All management electrical services are available at discount rates.

An exhibitor lay-in of power can be ordered through event management at a 20% discount package savings. This package service must provide power to all exhibitors and each 10’ space shall count as one booth. Event management is invoiced for this package, eliminating the need for individual exhibitor collection.

We offer all electrical services at your registration areas at 50% of the regular rate.

For banquets and special events, a “Special Event Package” is available. This package provides two 15 amp and two 20 amp, 120 volt outlets, installed at location, for a special rate of $175.00. Please note that Edlen may not have an electrician on duty during the event with this package. If an electrician is called in a minimum four-hour overtime charge will be assessed.

Up to two 15 amp, 120 volt outlets will be provided to the show manager or association for their own booth located on the tradeshow floor, at no charge.

Two 15 amp, 120 volt outlets are provided complimentary anywhere in WSCC with the only exception of trade shows by plugging into the wall without the assistance from Edlen electricians. There will be no additional charges if all equipment plugged in totals less than two 15 amp circuits per room. If additional outlets are required, client will receive the two outlets complimentary. You will only be charged for the additional services beyond the two 15 amp outlets. If more power is required, you will pay for power used.

Note: Meeting rooms, hallways, lobbies and exhibit halls used for tradeshow or registration, do not qualify for the complimentary power service.


Unless otherwise noted above, all events will be charged for any power hook up within the facility, including power obtained from wall receptacles. The rates for electrical equipment and services are published on the standard order form, which can be obtained from either Edlen or WSCC.

Upon request, Edlen will provide each client an estimate of total power charges for the clients operations within WSCC. Such estimates are based upon representations provided to Edlen from the client. Actual invoices from Edlen will be based upon the actual installation, not the estimate.

Edlen maintains an on-site inventory of additional rental equipment available at standard rental rates for events who may require additional equipment, i.e. extension cords, plug strips, lights, etc.