Special Services - Room Sets and Custodial

You are responsible, through your official service contractor, to arrange cleaning of tradeshow aisles, carpeted registration areas, exhibit booths, and removal of trash, crates, pallets and packing material. Washington State Convention Center will provide clean exhibit areas and we expect clean areas in return. We will maintain all common lobbies and meeting rooms.

We will provide clean rental space for tradeshows to Show Management. The space will return in the same condition. We expect the selected decorator to handle all trash within a show and to vacuum/clean up the tradeshow common aisles and registration areas whether the tradeshow is on Level 4 or 6. Please make sure their staff is equipped with their own vacuums, push brooms and other cleaning materials as required.


Your Decorator is responsible to maintain carpeted areas, booth areas, exhibition service areas, registration counters and registration wastebaskets.

The decorator will maintain carpeted or uncarpeted aisles.


The decorator will maintain carpeted or uncarpeted aisles.

The decorator will maintain registration trash removal.

We will maintain carpeted areas around the registration counters in the 6ABC Lobby and 6E Lobby.

WSCC housekeeping staff works hard to maintain the facility's appearance and condition for all our guests. Set-up Attendants will provide all meeting room sets, trash removal, housekeeping services, room conversions, room refreshes, facility maintenance and recycling operations (cans, glass, and paper).

Please review your requirements in advance with your Event Coordinator so any associated costs can be included in your Billing Worksheet. We will keep the restrooms, lobbies, corridors, and other public areas clean and tidy during all of your event hours. We will also clean your meeting rooms during the lunch break and provide complimentary overnight refreshes.


We provide your initial room set-up and overnight conversions at no charge. Your Event Coordinator will work with you on any daytime set conversions and associated costs.


HVAC & Lighting During Move-In and Move-Out

Clients may request additional heating/cooling and lighting services during move-in/move-out periods and non-event hours. These services are available, upon request, for an additional fee. See “Saving Energy” in the Event Services Appendix.

Our Operations department ensures the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning; lighting and other critical building systems work correctly for the comfort and safety of your staff, attendees, and exhibitors.


Trash Removal / Tape Removal

Please let us know when you will have additional trash during events so that our housekeeping department can plan to provide you with larger trash receptacles or recycling bins. The decorator is responsible for dumping the larger trash receptacles into the appropriate dumpster. The decorator is responsible for the removal of tape residue and labels throughout the facility and on Convention Center equipment. We will invoice you for costs for the removal of tape residue or labels. We need your cooperation in leaving the facility in good condition for the next event.

No chalk is to be used to mark floors in any permanently carpeted area, i.e. Meeting Rooms, Ballrooms, 6ABC, 6E, or Skybridge Lobby, Halls 4C and 4D. Decorators are required to use standard booth line tape to mark floors in permanently carpeted areas. Decorators / contractors who use chalk in permanently carpeted areas will be assessed a cleaning fee to remove the chalk stains from the carpet.


Water Service/Room Amenities

WSCC provides complimentary water service in each of your meeting rooms. This service is provided by either water coolers or bottled water as appropriate for your room set and number of attendees. In addition, WSCC provides complimentary linen, candy dishes, pads of paper and pens for room sets such as conference or schoolroom, which are under 250 capacity.