Proposed Additional Facility

Jeff Blosser

Jeffrey A. Blosser
President & CEO

Proposed WSCC Additional Facility
Projected Opening 2020

A proposed additional WSCC facility for conventions and meetings in Seattle is on the horizon. We are currently in the early stages of developing a second, larger venue, just one block northeast of our existing facility. With this “sister” building, we expect to more than double our current capacity.

In 2017, we are continuing to secure land, refine the design, and work through the entitlements processes.  In addition, the environmental review process is under way.  To view the FEIS Notice of Availability, please click HERE.  To view the Final Environmental Impact Statement, please click HERE (56MB).  To view the FEIS Appendices, please click HERE (58MB) and HERE (39MB).  To view the SEPA Notice of Action, please click HERE.

Meeting Planners, we will keep you updated with WSCC sales and marketing as the project becomes a reality. Please contact me if you have questions.

Neighbors, vendors and community, find updates on the development and early construction activities for the addition or pursue vendor opportunities here:

Stay tuned!

Jeffrey A. Blosser
President & CEO


Estimated Development Schedule