The Washington State Convention Center is excited to be showcasing our popular public art collection using the new STQRY (pronounced “story”) mobile guidebook.  STQRY provides a novel, interactive way for visitors to actively engage with arts, culture, science and other attractions in their area. Using STQRY on a mobile device, visitors can easily locate and explore our stunning on-site collection of sculptures, paintings and other artworks.  Not only does this bring deserved attention to our extensive collection, our adoption of the STQRY application will help event attendees and the general public discover and learn about other art and cultural opportunities in Seattle, King County and Washington State. 

”Washington State Convention Center houses an exceptional collection of public art, free for all to view, and highlighting our incredible local and regional artist community.  By partnering with STQRY, we are now able to share this collection with visitors both on-site and off, providing the stories behind the pieces.  WSCC enjoys taking the lead on creating new and novel connections with our patrons, and we are pleased to be the first convention center to join the STQRY system of art and culture.”  Jeff Blosser, WSCC President & CEO. 

Other organizations participating with STQRY include many of WSCC’s art partners, including artists, museums, galleries, private collections and governmental entities.  Well-known Seattle landmarks and institutions with a presence on STQRY include the Museum of History & Industry, the Pike Place Market, and the EMP museum.  


STQRY is a free program available for iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 mobile phones and tablets. The guidebook information (“stories”) can also be found on the STQRY website, for users to browse at home.

Using a mobile device, users of STQRY can look near their current vicinity for things or places of interest, browse for places on a map, or search by name.  Once they find something of interest, they can get directions to the location on their device, and explore the system’s content using available text, images and videos.  Other potential features include social media articles, schedules of upcoming events and more, all of which can be customized in their presentation.  As an added feature, all content is automatically translated into the user’s device language. 

According to Chris Smith, STQRY’s founder and CEO, “We’re honored and excited to be working with Washington State Convention Center – a gathering space for people from all over the world to connect, engage, and discover – and a great partner for the STQRY mobile platform.  STQRY is a collaborative platform that allows visitors to search and explore the world’s art and heritage sites, connecting directly with the amazing organizations that take care of these treasures.”

From left to right:  Jeff Blosser, WSCC President & CEO; Jennifer Smith, STQRY U.S. General Manager; Chris Smith, STQRY CEO and Founder; Karen Wong, WSCC Board Member & Art Committee Chair; Diana Cross, WSCC Office Services Assistant/Projects  (photo by Natalie Fobes)