Meetings, Agenda and Minutes

Regular WSCC PFD board meetings are held at least bi-monthly at a regular time and place within King County, Washington. Meetings, schedules, agendas and locations are subject to change. The meeting notices for WSCC PFD Board of Directors will be posted on this website.

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, notice will be provided to media and persons who have on file a request to be notified of Public and Special Meetings. If you wish to receive such notice, please email Lorrie Starkweather with your name, company, email address, and mailing address.

Public Announcements of WSCC Board Meetings

2018 Regular Board Meeting Dates Approved by Resolution

Regular Meetings of the Board

Notification of Regular Meeting: 12-18-2018

Special Meetings

Notification of Special Board Meetings: 12-18-2018

Addition Committee Meetings

Notification of Addition Committee Meeting:12-18-2018

Board Meeting Documents

On days with board meetings, please click here to access relevant documents.

Agendas & Minutes